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Why Becoming a Digital Nomad Is Yours for the Taking

Ever dreamt of working freely and independently in the destination of your choice? Well, you can do this and more by becoming a digital nomad. And the brilliant part about it is that you don’t have to be incredibly tech-savvy to do your job well - it’s literally yours for the taking! House of Routine gives you how to get started on the opportunity of your dreams.

Tie up the loose ends

If you are planning on sailing off into the sunset, you’ll want to make sure that you’re free of any financial obligations that may be tying you down in your current location. Therefore, be sure to settle any outstanding loans, and cancel any relevant memberships and subscriptions you may have so that you can start this new chapter afresh. Of course, it would be great if you have money saved up to cover your most basic living expenses for the first few months so that you don’t have financial worries weighing you down when you should be enjoying all that your new city has to offer.

Discover your strengths

Before you embark on the adventure of a lifetime, you’ll need to choose a remote job that’s to your liking. And the only way you can do this is by discovering what you’re good at and if there is a demand for what you’re offering be it graphic design, social media, copywriting, videography, etc. Then make use of the various job boards to advertise your skills and services so that you land the perfect job for you.

Join a community of like-minded people

While the thought of traveling the world doing what you love sounds like a dream for most people, it can get lonely if you don’t make the effort to surround yourself with people like you. Here, you might want to think about joining an online community to connect with other digital nomads with similar goals as you (and there are plenty to choose from). Or just for company's sake if you prefer the thought of company on your digital nomad journey. Moreover, they could offer up helpful advice, tips, and pointers on how to settle into your new roles more easily.

Start your own freelance company

If you have a clear vision of your long-term goals, starting your own business might be the best option. Apart from deciding on a business structure for your new venture and registering it accordingly, you’ll also need the appropriate software to help you manage your business better. Cloud invoicing software is particularly useful if you want to manage your payment process more efficiently as it allows you to create invoices online that customers can view themselves and pay when the time is due. It also will send recurring invoices automatically so that you don’t have to. 

Choose your living quarters

Imagine that you have found your dream destination and are now looking for a place to call home for the next few months.  Then you should be pleased to hear that many towns are happy to accommodate digital nomads and will usually offer a variety of options when it comes to finding your ideal accommodation which includes homestays, co-ops, hostels, and Airbnbs. Be sure to look online on sites like Anyplace or Nomad Stays to help you find suitable digs. 

Choose your ideal destination

One of the greatest benefits of working remotely is that the world is your oyster - literally. So, if the travel bug should happen to bite again you’re not compelled to stay in a particular location longer than you want to. 

One thing is for sure though: becoming a digital nomad is sure to be one non-stop exciting adventure that many people wouldn’t trade for the world. Furthermore, this career path is more accessible now than it ever was what with the technological advancements that are taking center stage when it comes to the way we live and work.

Author:  Lance Cody-Valdez (lance@free-lance-now.com)

Image via Pexels

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