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Incredibly Helpful!

I have been using my Daily Routine Journal every week day for two weeks now and I absolutely love it! It helps me get productive first thing in the morning and helps set the tone for my day. The nightly entries also help me think about the next day ahead of time and I have felt more productive the past two weeks than ever before. I am a huge fan!!


I bought this as a gift for my daughter & she is very pleased with the detail of this journal. She is already making positive changes!

The Daily Routine Journal
Katherine Baxter
Love, Love, Love

My new favorite planner!!!

Soothing the Scatter Brain

The simple and concise focus this journal has given me has been awesome. It's small enough to fit in my work bag, but I have even thrown in my purse so I can check it twice throughout the day as a reminder to steer my focus and efforts. Thank you!! I look forward to what this year will bring with such a great tool.

The Daily Routine Journal
Jessica Stappen

i’m seriously so happy to have this journal it allows me to calm my OCD mind and plan out my day and goals are in one! i love how you write positive affirmations daily and you build so many great habits! my goals have been so much more reachable thanks to this journal!! definitely would recommend:)

The Daily Routine Journal
Sarah Marlette

As a nutritionist, I am all about creating realistic and intentional routines. I absolutely love this journal. It helps keep me accountable and feel really intentional in an alignment with my personal goals. It’s something should have!

Excellent questions

Questions asked were excellent and were of a wide range.

Weekly Planner A4 Pad

Love this desk pad - so good to have my goals for the week in front of me all day

Great way to start the day

I really love starting the day with this reflective daily journal. It helps set a positive tone for the day and for someone like myself who struggles with anxiety, writing and focusing on affirmations in the morning, gratitude, and what I want my goals/intentions to be is really beneficial! Would definitely recommend!

Weekly Planner A4 Pad
Jade Goulding
Helping me keep on track

I love the whole week in one view!

Questions For Myself Journal
Zip Code Technology
Great quality products

Perfect gifts for the busy bee who needs to
Collect their thoughts and intentions on paper

Great gift!

A lovely gift for my partner who likes to journal


I’m very routine orientated & this is perfect for prioritizing my GOALS. Many journals are similar, but what makes this one unique is the building of goals and breaking them into small tasks each day that are attainable to be able to CHECK OFF vs writing goals and feeling you are never getting closer to them because there’s so much to be done in the process. This journal helps you prioritize your day as well as recap your day all in manageable steps! Efficient, time manageable to complete daily, whole person focused, & motivating 🤍 so excited to continue to use this!

Routine Backpack

I am loving my routine backpack, it holds soooo much! And it is so comfortable to wear.

Great laptop bag

Very secure and lots of compartments for different uses


such an amazing book! Makes me feel so self aware and motivated

The Daily Routine Journal
Brittany Worthington
A journal that you actually want to write in everyday!

If you struggle to commit to writing in a journal each day and have not yet made it a daily habit, this is the journal for you! Prompts make it easy and allow for your thoughts to flow easily onto the page. Highly recommend!

The Daily Routine Journal
Lilly Richardson
I use everyday!!

I have been into journaling for a while now and this journal is the perfect one to incorporate into your daily routine. Not too long and not too short! It makes you think about yourself and truly remind you how to stay organized! I love it!!

Love love love

I’ve never the journaling type of person… until the house of routine journal! I love it so much and it’s helped me know myself more. I wasn’t expecting this, I love it

Best Journal Ever!

I've always had trouble keeping up with traditional planners and once I graduated school it became even worse. This journal perfectly breaks down the day into bite size pieces. I love the section where you reflect back on your day.

Routine Backpack
Lauren Kavanagh
Backpack - very good

I love it, it is sturdy and carries everything I need!

Great product

So far it has helped me all ready and it’s simple, so it’s easy to follow

The Daily Routine Journal
Shannon Hardiman
Best Journal!

I love this journal so much, the prompts are great and so helpful. Definitely a journal that makes me WANT to write in it everyday!

Love this dress!

Bought this when I was pregnant and it was super comfortable while my belly grew. Now postpartum perfect dress for around the house to feed Bub and still super comfortable. Easy wash and wear which makes it practical to throw on an go which is needed when you have a newborn!

The Daily Routine Journal
Jonathan Spada

If you are looking to improve your morning routine, this is IT! This book has everything to get yourself organized and set your intentions for the day. I love it so much!