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Routine Backpack

I am loving my routine backpack, it holds soooo much! And it is so comfortable to wear.

Great laptop bag

Very secure and lots of compartments for different uses


such an amazing book! Makes me feel so self aware and motivated

The Daily Routine Journal
Brittany Worthington
A journal that you actually want to write in everyday!

If you struggle to commit to writing in a journal each day and have not yet made it a daily habit, this is the journal for you! Prompts make it easy and allow for your thoughts to flow easily onto the page. Highly recommend!

The Daily Routine Journal
Lilly Richardson
I use everyday!!

I have been into journaling for a while now and this journal is the perfect one to incorporate into your daily routine. Not too long and not too short! It makes you think about yourself and truly remind you how to stay organized! I love it!!

Love love love

I’ve never the journaling type of person… until the house of routine journal! I love it so much and it’s helped me know myself more. I wasn’t expecting this, I love it

Best Journal Ever!

I've always had trouble keeping up with traditional planners and once I graduated school it became even worse. This journal perfectly breaks down the day into bite size pieces. I love the section where you reflect back on your day.

Routine Backpack
Lauren Kavanagh
Backpack - very good

I love it, it is sturdy and carries everything I need!

Great product

So far it has helped me all ready and it’s simple, so it’s easy to follow

The Daily Routine Journal
Shannon Hardiman
Best Journal!

I love this journal so much, the prompts are great and so helpful. Definitely a journal that makes me WANT to write in it everyday!

Love this dress!

Bought this when I was pregnant and it was super comfortable while my belly grew. Now postpartum perfect dress for around the house to feed Bub and still super comfortable. Easy wash and wear which makes it practical to throw on an go which is needed when you have a newborn!

The Daily Routine Journal
Jonathan Spada

If you are looking to improve your morning routine, this is IT! This book has everything to get yourself organized and set your intentions for the day. I love it so much!

The Daily Routine Journal
Isabella Casto
amazing journal!

This journal is definitely my favorite. I love to write every morning and night in it, and hold myself accountable for everything I do throughout the day! it keeps me organized, healthy, and just put together! Loveee

Dress dream

This dress is so comfortable and the fabric is soft. Love that the dress has pockets too. Pop my reading glasses on there and now I don't lose them around the house 🙂

Great way to start journaling!!

I've been looking to start journaling for a while now but didn't know how to start and the daily routine journal has helped me so much!! I use it almost every morning and it really helps me stay on track and be optimistic about my future!

The Daily Routine Journal
Katie Spaulding
Daily Journal

Love this journal! I use it everyday and it gets me excited for the day!


Thankyou so much, this journal has helped so much :-) am feeling so much more in tune with myself

Keeping me accountable

I love the daily breakdown of your long term goals, keeping me somewhat sane during lockdown.
Your appointments, gratitude, daily tasks, health plus short and long term goals in one place. It’s a Yassss from me 🙏🏼

I haven’t gotten it yet?

Kept me sane during the lockdown


Great product

Helps me organise my day and work towards my health goals each day!

Luxury + Comfort + Quality

I bought and wore this dress in my third trimester. Now wearing it to breastfeed in. I have bought many other bamboo pieces recently but the fabric used by HouseofRoutine is of excellent quality. The weight of the buttery-soft fabric is slightly heavier with a good bit of stretch. Feels wonderful against sensitive skin. It washes and wears exceptionally well, always bouncing back into shape.
Button snap fastnings are great quality. Super comfy. Love this piece.

Didn’t think I needed this so much

Honestly was looking for just a journal but this has been the greatest thing ever.

The Daily Routine Journal
Gina Brascetta
Soooo Helpful

The R O U T I N E 📝 my new best friend! It’s beautiful and absolutely PACKED with tools to organize your daily thoughts and actions to be nothing but intentional with your time 🙌🏼

This journal gives you space for your todo lists, your notes, and most importantly, helps you narrow in on your goals and come up with an action plan for meeting them 👌🏼 I can’t wait to put this bad boy to use and see how much of my scatter brain gets organized!!

The Daily Routine Journal
Nicole Desmond
Love this journal!

At first this journal seems like a lot of things to go write in the morning… But I’m absolutely loving it! Having the five key tasks each day helps me stay on track and hold myself accountable to what I need to get done. It also gives structure to my day with writing down all the meetings and appointments that I have. I like how it reminds me at the top what my ultimate goals are because it focuses my day and my energy around those. Definitely recommend this journal!