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Great product

Helps me organise my day and work towards my health goals each day!

Luxury + Comfort + Quality

I bought and wore this dress in my third trimester. Now wearing it to breastfeed in. I have bought many other bamboo pieces recently but the fabric used by HouseofRoutine is of excellent quality. The weight of the buttery-soft fabric is slightly heavier with a good bit of stretch. Feels wonderful against sensitive skin. It washes and wears exceptionally well, always bouncing back into shape.
Button snap fastnings are great quality. Super comfy. Love this piece.

Didn’t think I needed this so much

Honestly was looking for just a journal but this has been the greatest thing ever.

Soooo Helpful

The R O U T I N E 📝 my new best friend! It’s beautiful and absolutely PACKED with tools to organize your daily thoughts and actions to be nothing but intentional with your time 🙌🏼

This journal gives you space for your todo lists, your notes, and most importantly, helps you narrow in on your goals and come up with an action plan for meeting them 👌🏼 I can’t wait to put this bad boy to use and see how much of my scatter brain gets organized!!

Love this journal!

At first this journal seems like a lot of things to go write in the morning… But I’m absolutely loving it! Having the five key tasks each day helps me stay on track and hold myself accountable to what I need to get done. It also gives structure to my day with writing down all the meetings and appointments that I have. I like how it reminds me at the top what my ultimate goals are because it focuses my day and my energy around those. Definitely recommend this journal!

Life Changing

I love how this journal helps give you a clear understanding of where you’re at and where you would like to be! Honestly recommend this to anyone that trying to a better version of their self

Questions For Myself Journal
Alexia Panagiotakis
Inspiring &!though provoking!

Amazing 🤩
I’ve never encountered such a practical book!
Ordering for my nieces birthday next.
Postage and delivery was seamless.. beautifully packaged. 😊

Game Changer

I'm shocked at how little I knew about myself. By simply asking myself different questions allowed me to learn new things that were hiding in plain sight. Highly recommend for anyone looking for introspection.

Love this journal!
Writing things down has really helped me accomplish more in a day, stay focused on my goals and stick to my daily routines.
Definitely worth buying when you have not journaled before and don’t know where to start.

When will new stock be coming to the U.K.?

The Daily Routine Journal
Gabby Piontkowski

This journal has helped me stay organized, set goals, plan out my day, etc. I LOVE IT. I wake up every morning and write it in and use it throughout the day. I definitely would recommend buying this if you’re someone who likes to journal.


I absolutely love everything about this journal! I take it everywhere with me. I love all of the different things you can write down to help get organized for the week!


this journal is everything! i’ve been searching for something like this for so long & im so glad i found this. not only is it so aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also perfect for keeping on track with my goals. so grateful for this because i’ve been so much more productive because of it! you need to order

Best Daily Structure!

I am used to writing in my dot journal or calendar and having to lug around several journals wherever I go. With the Daily Routine Journal, I only need this one journal to keep track of EVERYTHING! I can write in appointments and meetings while also having space for my goals, affirmations and gratitude each day. Such an amazing tool for my daily life- keeps me motivated and productive. Planning out my days has truly helped me, especially with the Daily Routine Journal. Can't recommend this enough!

The daily routine journal

I love my new journal and it really helps make my days better as I have to really think and look over what I’m great full for and how I could have made the day better. It also keeps me accountable to make sure I get my to do list done. I recommend buying a daily routine journal.

Great for keeping goals in check !

I found this to really help me in the middle of the pandemic to keep focussed and accountable! Thanks House of Routine ! The book stylish layout was beautiful also, love it

My dream journal

If you need a journal/planner focused on positive habits, goals, and gratitude, this is it! Literally the journal of my dreams. It keeps me on track with my daily routines and also keeps me grounded and in a mindful headspace. Love everything about this and so excited to continue on my journaling journey

Everything I've Been Looking For

Look no further. I've tested 3-4 journals the past year or so, and this one stands far above the rest. From the packaging, to the structure of the journal itself, the level of detail is unmatched.

So cute !

This journal is really cute and helpful if you want to get started with journaling. It has little sections for different prompts so you can write away and I love it !

Perfect for staying positive during lockdown!

I have loved using the Routine diary for a daily remainder of all the good I have in my life. It’s nice to start and end the day with a positive mindset. It’s also been helpful in working towards my goals! It helps me focus on what’s important and put my focus and energy into that!
Thankyou for making daily journaling so easy and purposeful x

The Daily Routine Journal
Mikayla Mailhes
Love it.

I have loved having this journal become apart of my daily routine. I specifically love the simplicity and how everything is broken down/organized. It has helped me achieve my day to day goals and tasks which keeps me productive and clear-minded. It is a planner + journal all in one. Highly highly recommend for anyone!

Such good design!

I really enjoyed the breakdown of each day into different parts - it helped me reflect and organize.

So far I am really enjoying this. It helps keep me accountable and makes me pause and think slowing my thoughts down. Great book.

A True Game Changer

I'm someone who is always looking for ways to improve productivity, and accomplishing goals (short or long term). I was looking for a journal that allowed me to do so, and am BLOWN AWAY by The Daily Routine Journal. 10/10 recommend to anyone who wants to improve their life.

The perfect journal structure!

This was exactly what I needed to organise all the different aspects of my life, creative positive habits and work towards bigger goals! I absolutely LOVE the layout of the different sections too!