🎧 EPISODE ONE! Ryan Serhant on The Routine Project Podcast - Why Not Make the Most of Every Day? - The House of Routine

🎧 EPISODE ONE! Ryan Serhant on The Routine Project Podcast - Why Not Make the Most of Every Day?

We Launched A New Podcast! Listen Here

Episode 1 with Real Estate entrepreneur and actor Ryan Serhant highlights:
  • Routines in Business
  • How to structure your day
  • Morning and night routines
  • Building with intention
  • Leaning into what you are good at
  • Delivering in a first class manner
  • Why working out leads to success
  • How to make the most of your day

Founder/CEO, SERHANT. — the most followed real estate brand in the world, calibrated for the marketplace of tomorrow, delivering proven results for buyers, sellers, and developers. SERHANT. revolutionizes the traditional brokerage model by innovating through media and content creation, and is powered by a full-service in-house film studio as well as an amplification platform that puts our properties in front of more people than anyone else.

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On this very first episode of The Routine Project, Ryan gets into his 15-min scheduled calendar, but we dive into exactly WHY he's so high-performing and where he believes routines really play into it all - for all his personal and professional adventures. PLUS! Ryan opens up about overcoming insecurities and so much more!

As always, be sure to check out all the bonus clips, exclusive sneak peek content with my weekly guests and so much more @thehouseofroutine We will be tagging @ryanserhant and @serhant all week long with our Instagram reels and stories to help push the episode even more!

Welp, that’s it, my friend! Now, I hope you click play and are able to take something special away from this conversation. Why? Well, after all, routines have been proven to be the key component in achieving any personal or professional goal! 

Cheers to you and the routines that matter most to you.

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