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#001 | How to Take Control of Your Time & Hack Your Routines

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The House of Routine team here with the very first edition of our brand new Newsletter!

We've been hard at work foraging through the interwebs for all of the best content on:

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Our intention for our weekly routine of putting this newsletter together is to send you the best content we can to:

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Expect to see a newsletter like this each week with top notch content curated exclusively for people who want to get ahead, but not at the expense of their health, sanity, or life balance.

Without further adieu, let’s get into our first Newsletter!

Meditation: Can It Backfire?

With all the distractions that hit us on a daily basis, a clear & focused mind is more essential than ever if you want to keep on top of everything from your personal life, family life, social life, & your career.

While the benefits of meditation for building mental clarity and focus are well documented, it can sometimes feel like another obligation on an already packed list of things to do....

....not to mention the guilt we can heap on ourselves for skipping out on a practice that we know is good for us. And the reality is that for some of us, one of the biggest challenges in life is to simply sit still!

Instead of trying to "force it" or ending up with additional stress or guilt in your life, there are other ways to get the same powerful benefits of meditation.

Discover 3 Mindful Alternatives To Meditation here!

Today’s Top Productivity Tip:

Time Blocking

There’s a reason why many of the most successful & productive people on the planet take the time to break their schedules up into clearly defined time blocks.

There is a famous Abraham Lincoln quote along the lines of "If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 6 hours sharpening my ax"

That much time in preparation is overkill but it illustrates the importance of the process needed to set yourself up for success.

Even a few minutes at the beginning of the day or week can transform how you use your time.

It also helps you be realistic when seeing exactly how much can get done & when during the week when you can see every time block visually on your calendar.

How to Build Your Schedule More Effectively With Time Blocks

That link is a deep dive into Time Blocking so here are some quick tips from us:

  • Enter relevant links, attachments, or instructions for yourself in the calendar event so when it is time to execute you have everything you need

  • Set an intention for each time block when you start

  • Build in time blocks that serve as buffers or allow for overflow or new urgent items that come in unexpected 
  • Don't expect yourself to be perfect. Give yourself some grace, especially if this is a new habit you are trying to build.

The House of Routine Podcast

Dave Asprey | How to Hack Your Routines, Health, & Lifestyle

Our host Justin Crawford sits down with the ‘Father of Biohacking’ & the founder of Upgrade Labs, Dave Asprey.

In this conversation, you will learn about how to optimize your body & life for high function and high performance.

If you want to maximize your productivity and feel great each day doing it, this is an essential conversation you won’t want to miss!

Listen to the podcast on Spotify or on Apple Podcasts


Alright, that is it for this inaugural edition of The House of Routine Newsletter!

If you are looking for a physical guide and anchor that you can build powerful & effective routines from:

Your Daily Routine Journal is intentionally designed to keep you focused on what is most important to you & to help you balance your energy throughout the day.

The best part?

You can set yourself up for this kind of success in as little as 10 minutes. No more long, boring routines — just a simple, quick jumpstart to your day to get you in the mood & into the groove.

Stay tuned for future newsletters filled with more tips for productivity & optimal well-being!

- The House of Routine Team

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