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#002 | Say No ➡️ Disconnect ➡️ Get More Out of Your Time (and Life)


Staying true to our commitment to routine, we are back with the second edition of The House of Routine Newsletter.

If you missed the first issue, you can see it here.

But enough about the past, let’s get present and dive in to this together, shall we?


Today’s Top Tip: Disconnect

         Quick Quiz:

  • Do you feel that you check your phone, your social media, and/or your various inboxes (email, slack, etc) too frequently?

  • If yes to above, what percentage of the time would you guess you have a clear purpose & intention in mind when you check your digital connection points?

  • Do you have notifications turned on for your phone turned for the main online communication tools you use?

  • How about for the main media platforms you create on and/or consumption from?

How Did You "Score"?

It can feel like the world & the digital devices we use “demand” that we stay connected to the internet for nearly every waking minute, nearly every single day.

Screen time in itself is not a bad thing….after all, our phones and computers are merely tools.

And it is our  habits, routines, & ways of interacting with these tools that determines the results we get.

But like many powerful tools, these devices are double-edged.

Unless you set a strong enough intention & have a successful method that helps you stay true to that intention….

….then it is all too easy to get sucked back into a digital vortex….even if it is just for a few moments of lost focus + vigilance.

And no matter how well you use the technology, it is a near guarantee that you will feel happier if you are able to find ways to drive down your average hours of screen time.


A Few Tips For How to Make It Happen

☑️  Schedule time in your calendar at the beginning of each day or week with the explicit intention to disconnect

☑️  Set your desired boundaries for  distraction-free deep work sessions each day or week

☑️  Turn your phone to airplane mode, shut it off, or leave it behind completely. Can be done on a walk, on an errand, out for a meal, or for many other activities 

☑️  Test out turning off all inbox notifications, at least for certain blocks of time during the day. We recommend having them off all the time & building a routine to process all inboxes at some set time(s) each day

☑️  Track in an online tool or a journal how many hours of screen time you had each day


The House of Routine Podcast with Guest Tim Timberlake:

How to Make the Most of Your Time Every Single Day


Time is entirely what we make of it

The spoken (and unspoken) beliefs, rules, and agreements that we have around time dictates how we engage with our day….

…and heavily influences the outcomes we get in our lives & how long it takes to realize them.

If you don’t yet know Tim Timberlake, you are in for a powerful introduction to his wisdom & infectious spirit.

I am excited to share this episode with you so you too can learn Tim’s belief set, tools, and routines that help him get the most fulfilment, joy, and success out of each day.

Listen to this episode of The Routine Project Podcast on Spotify  +  Apple Podcasts


The Best From Around The Internet:

The Ultimate Productivity Hack is Saying No

James Clear is one of the world’s leading experts on habits & building sustainable routines. In this powerful article he covers how to free up more time & mental space for the things that matter most to you….

…and how to do it without alienating others or creating conflict when you say no.

It is an amazing “tool” to have in your belt, especially for when you have really big goals you are after....

....and double especially if you often self-sacrifice by saying yes when you know you should say no


While our ultra-connected world presents us with more opportunities than ever before, it often comes at the cost of increased overwhelm as well.

One of the most effective ways to handle overwhelm is to write down your thoughts & feelings.

It is hard to get clear when they’re all stuck & racing around in your head.

Sometimes it is clear and easy to know what to write down while other times we don’t even know where to start. In those latter cases, having the right prompts to guide you can change everything.

Our Questions For Myself Journal gives you a great framework to process overwhelm.

Its purpose is to help you stay on track & live a more relaxed, enjoyable life (even in the most stressful times).

Stay tuned for more productivity + optimal well-being tips in the next newsletter!  💯 💙 🎉

- The House of Routine Team

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