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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Daily Routine?

The following advice is likely old news to you: “To become the most productive and fulfilled version of yourself, you’ll need a routine.” But let's be real. If you're like most people, just hearing the word, 'routine,' is enough to send shudders down your spine. Isn’t a daily routine just a day with no room for fun, spontaneity, or creativity? And yet… You can’t help but notice that nearly everyone successful has created some form of structure to their day–Bill Gates, Barrack Obama, and even Dwayne Johnson (‘The Rock’).

What’s up with that? Well, continue reading to find out.

#1 – Keeps you energized for important tasks 

Making decisions–however small they may seem (e.g. what to wear)–wears you down over time. For reference: it’s said that the average person makes 35,000 decisions a day! Worryingly, research shows that the more choices you make throughout the day, the likelier you’re going to act impulsively instead of thinking things through–just because of how mentally fatigued you (and your brain) are. Now, imagine the repercussions. What if you greenlight a high-stakes investment, and fail because you were too tired to do a proper analysis of the risks? Terrible, right? 

That's precisely why you need to establish a daily routine; it helps you put certain decisions on autopilot. Instead of agonizing over whether you should work out or not, your routine sets what day and at what time you exercise. And this, in turn, gives you more 'brainpower' to do the essential things during the day.

#2 – Lowers stress and anxiety

Always feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed? It could be because you’re just ‘winging’ your days. A lack of structure is known to exacerbate feelings of distress and make you ruminate over the source of your stress–without actually doing anything meaningful about it. So, of course, setting a daily routine, which adds a sense of predictability–can help you better manage stress and anxiety. Admittedly, your schedule may change somewhat depending on the day of the week (you can’t work out every day!), but sticking to a basic structure for when you’ll wake, eat, work, socialize, and sleep can help you take back control of your day. Thus, lowering your stress levels.

#3 – Allows you to carve out time to pursue your passion

How many times have you skipped out on writing, painting, or working on your side hustle, because you were too tired after work or ‘just not in the mood?’ Well, guess what? Once it’s a routine, there’s no more wriggling out of your passion. And think about it: even setting aside 30 minutes a day to work on your passion puts you closer to achieving your goals (i.e. getting better at your craft, publishing that blog, etc.) than doing absolutely nothing! Better yet, research shows that daily practice is the most crucial factor for making progress in any skill. So, make use of your routine, and you’ll become an expert in no time. How exciting is that?

Keen on creating a daily routine–but not quite sure how to start? Well, why not start with The Daily Routine Journal? With daily prompts on how you can better structure your day, you’ll soon be your most fulfilled, happy self. See what others are saying about the journal here.





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