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Breaking Down Your Long Term Goals

breaking down long term goals

Goals, are super important to have but where do we start?

There is no point in just writing a goal down and then just wishing it to happen. 

Let's take a look at why the Daily Routine Journal's long term goals are structured the way they are.


3 Goals in Different Aspects of Your Life

We need to aim to have a balanced life, what's the point of smashing your work/professional goals if you're unhappy in your personal life or neglecting the people you care most.

This is why we are made to set out a goal each towards professional, personal & relationships, creating a balanced life.

1. Due date

I am sure you've had an assignment or work task that you have left to the last minute but end up finding a way to get it done, our goals are the same. If we don't set deadline chances are they won't happen. Creating some urgency for yourself and giving you a timeline, making it easier to plan the necessary steps needed.

2. Actions

How will you achieve this goal?
A simple but important question, here we are setting up the systems you will need to implement to achieve your goals.
Want to lose 5 kgs? Well, your actions may be - run 3 x per week.

3. Accountability

Accountability is accepting responsibility for your actions and being willing to be answerable to the outcomes of our choices, decisions, and actions. 
Let's face it, sometimes we can't trust ourselves, again we are setting up more systems to give ourselves a greater chance of success.
It could be as simple as telling your partner your goals or pre-setting up alarms for your training.

Why (Pain)

What are the consequences of not achieving your goals?
Pain can be for more people than not, a bigger influencer than pleasure.
Visualizing the pain and the result of not achieving your goals is a great way to keep you on track. 

Why (Pleasure)

The opposite of the above - visualizing the positive things your goals will bring you once achieving them can be a great motivator.

Identifying the WHY is very important to sticking to and achieving your goals, especially when things start to get tough. 


It's important to celebrate your victories to give yourself a pat on the back and be proud of your achievements.

Compounding & putting all of these together is a powerful way of tackling and achieving your goals- but the work is just about to start! 
Now we need to focus on moving the needle closer to your goals every single day.

The Daily part of the Routine Journal is where the magic happens and has been helping thousands of people get their life on track - Have a read of what some of our customers are saying here.

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