Studies Show We NEED Daily Routines

Studies have shown that a lack of daily routines in our lives can lead to the following:

-Increased anxiety & stress

-Overwhelming feelings or emotions

-Lack of concentration & focus

-Inconsistent and/or negative habits

-Feeling there's "just not enough hours in the day"

-Unrealistic goal-setting

Having a daily routine can supercharge productivity, eliminate stress & anxiety, boost mood, and keep you laser focused on your goals.

Journaling creates positive momentum every day. Each daily task you complete moves the needle toward your end goal – no matter how small or trivial it may seem. 

The Journal Backed By Science & Trusted By Over 30,000 People

Like you, we were tired of dealing with the pitfalls of an unstructured life. This is exactly why we created The Daily Routine Journal!


Our Journals Have Helped Thousands

eliminate stress & anxiety

supercharge productivity

increase concentration & focus

Boost mood

dominate YOUR goals

improve time-management

Real People. Real Results.

"If you need a journal/planner focused on positive habits, goals, and gratitude, this is it! Literally the journal of my dreams. It keeps me on track with my daily routines and also keeps me grounded and in a mindful headspace. Love everything about this and so excited to continue on my journaling journey."
- Hannah M.
"This was exactly what I needed to organise all the different aspects of my life, creative positive habits and work towards bigger goals! I absolutely LOVE the layout of the different sections too!"
- Vanessa L.
"I’m a very highly strung person, I have a million thoughts going through my brain at once, so to be able to write down everything that needed to be done, all my appts, meetings, tasks etc, was a game changer.. to have it all laid out in front of me day and night really helped me gain clarity on what I needed to do specifically that day. It’s so easy to use, so simple and I will continue to use this for sure!"
- Emma H.
"I have been using this journal for a while now and it has really made a positive impact on my daily life. The sections of each daily journal entry are well thought out and make you think about parts of your day that you otherwise would not even consider. Highly, highly recommend this journal for anyone!"
- Sarah T.

Say Goodbye To Procrastination

The Daily Routine Journal is designed to help you stay organized, increase productivity, cultivate positive habits and develop self-awareness.

  • Goal Reminder

  • Morning Affirmation

  • Daily Gratitude

  • Self-Development Activity

  • To-Do List & Appointments

  • Today's Positive Habits

  • Food, Water, Exercise Tracking

  • End Of Day Review


Copies Sold & Counting...

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Create Your Life-Changing Routine
  • Journal For Over 6 Months
  • Undated - Start Anytime!
  • Perfect A5 Size
  • 100% Sustainable Linen Cover



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Yes! Our store offers Shop Pay, which allows you to which allows you to split your payment into 4 interest free payments.


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Are The Journals Dated?

No! Our journals come undated so you can start your journey at any time.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

We ship worldwide from our warehouses in AUS and the United States.

Do You Do Bulk Orders?

Yes. We offer discounts on bulk orders for any of our products. From Fortune 500 companies, to small-business owners, we've partnered with many brands to provide our products for their employees.

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How Long Do The Journals Last?

Our Daily Routine Journal will last just over 6 months. The Questions For Myself will vary, as this journal can be done at your own pace.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! We have hundreds of affiliates that love our products & earn a 10% commission on every sale when referring friends. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1267 reviews
Kelly Burch
Getting back on track

Going back to basics and being mindful of how I approach my days has tamed the chaos I have been living in. It has only been a couple of weeks but I feel back on track for the first time in a long time!

Glen Pearson
Professional Product

This is the 2nd time I've purchased a Daily Journal for my partner and it won't be the last! She absolutely LOVES the layout and keeps track of everything from work and assignments to exercise and diet, making it super easy to look back and see everything you have ticked off!
If they came in an annual size I would buy that too!

Haley Prince
The routine journal

This has been the best journal, i use it everyday religiously, and can’t go a day without it. It clears my mind and I know when I don’t use it I feel all over the place. Xx

Beau Azzopardi
Best journal i have used to date!

Routine journal is great, not too short that you need to buy a new one all the time and heaps of room to track everything you need to.

Danni Macpherson
Set up for success

Spending 10 minutes every day writing down my goals ensures I stay motivated and focused. I take pride in the sense of accomplishment when I am able to tick that a task has been completed. I believe this journal is playing a huge part in my success.