#007 |  ⚡ Your secret weapon for managing anxiety and stress - The House of Routine

#007 | ⚡ Your secret weapon for managing anxiety and stress

Can I open up to you a little bit?

*hope you said yes.... otherwise this is kind of awkward*

I used to be someone who struggled with anxiety and negative thoughts on a daily basis

You know.....just..…constant overwhelm….and never feeling sure of myself in a few key areas of life. 

It was a struggle to communicate myself and my emotions (or needs or boundaries)

And while I can’t say there wasn’t only one thing that completely shifted my mental health…

…I can say that, for sure, the most valuable and impactful part of the equation has been journaling.

It is palpable + noticeable on days when I journal vs. those I don’t when it comes to things like: 

→ 😫 ability to manage stress and stay focused, to

→ 😊 how much peace, confidence, & groundedness I feel during the day

We have a full article that shares how to use journaling to do any of the following:

 Work through negative thoughts and emotions in a safe and private space

✅ Express yourself freely + connect to yourself more deeply

 Notice and enjoy the positive effects it can have on mental health (such as feeling calm, collected, and focused)

✅ Feel more in harmony with your thoughts and emotions

 Recognize and challenge negative thought patterns

✅ Develop a positive self-image

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The House of Routine Podcast

Future Self Journaling - Manifest Your Destiny with Guest Tamron Hall

What if I told you that you can use journaling to manifest your biggest and wildest dreams…

Would you wanna know how?

Thought so! :)

Spend a bit of time with Tamron Hall to learn about manifesting your destiny, future-self journaling, and playing by your own rules.

This podcast episode will literally blow your mind and wildly inspire you, pinky promise!

Plus, it’s a good excuse to go on a walk with your headphones on! 😉

Listen to The House of Routine Podcast on Spotify + Apple Podcasts

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I bet you're shocked to see a newsletter issue largely centered around journaling from us, right?  😅 

Regardless of what journal you use to write in…..

…the benefits and possibilities from different kinds of journaling are very real


Here is a quick challenge for you:

(a) If you currently do not journal or have not journaled in a long time, do it today.

Even if you have to do it on scratch paper or on blank pages inside of a book, try to a journaling technique or prompt.

And even if you "just" free-write for a couple of minutes, express yourself on paper at least a little bit today.

Then ask yourself if you feel any better after you write   : )


(b) If you do journal frequently, take a few extra minutes the next time do it. 

Use the time to think and feel into the ways this routine has helped improve aspects of your life. 

Maybe your health, your happiness, your relationships, your professional success, or other areas of life have grown beautifully because of the extra attention and intention given to them.

Through the awareness and the active appreciation of these improvements….

….you can actually lay the groundwork for their continued growth, development, and success.

If you choose to accept this challenge, let us know how it went! 

- The House of Routine Team



In ~24 hours from the time this email’s sent, our survey will close. 5 winners will win prizes that range from free journals to gift cards worth $100+

You can complete the survey while if it is still open when you click this link.

If you are a winner, we will reach out to you shortly after we conduct the drawing 
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