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#005 | How to Successfully Build A New Habit


We’re back for the 5th edition of this newsletter & because it is now December, we come bearing gifts 🎁

There is some debate on how long it takes to install a new habit but most agree it is at least a couple weeks. 

So we designed a simple sheet for you to track activity towards your key goals

Bring your creativity to this sheet!

You could use it for personal goals, health goals, relationship goals, or for professional + business goals.


You can also tweak it as needed to help it work best for you:


  • Track a weekly activity for 30 weeks

  • Track yourself with transparency to know how long it takes for you to perform a certain action 30 times [jog, write, etc] 

  • Serve as monthly scorecards for yourself, team members, your kids, the family unit as a whole, etc


The House of Routine Podcast
Zahraa Berro | Rhythms + Routines in Business & Motherhood


Zahraa Berro is the founder of the fast growing fashion brand for hijabs & dresses, Zahraa The Label.

She is also a mother who is raising a family in addition to growing a business.

In this open, inspiring, and entertaining conversation, Zahraa dives into how she organizes her life so that has enough of herself to give.

Not just to business needs & to her growing family, but also that she adequately take cares of and gives to herself as well.

There is so much to learn from this conversation between Zahraa & our host Justin Crawford so give it a listen when you have the opportunity!

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Going back to that 30 Day Challenge / Goal Tracking Sheet….

…you may have had a thought or a feeling about some habit(s) or action(s) when you looked at it....

....things that you know would benefit you if you created more intention & accountability around them.

While your intuition is your best guide…

Check out these resources for some inspiration on goals to aim for:

Personal Goals  (Fitness, Mental Health, Creativity, Finance, + more)

Family Goals Parenting Goals

Business Growth Goals & Strategies

Some of the sites linked above also have their own goal + productivity organization resources.

Feel free to check them out and use whatever works best to help you succeed in what matters to you!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Alright, that is it for this edition of the newsletter.

We hope that you’re getting ready to challenge yourself to start building a new habit now….

….but if not, save the free resource & the links from this newsletter to look at again closer to the new year!

We’ll see you next week with the next edition of the newsletter as we continue to help you start 2023 off with some momentum    : )

- The House of Routine Team



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