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Why Should You Start a Routine?

It may sound contradicting but there is a certain freedom in structure/routine, it free’s up your time, your mind and gives you clarity.

Waking to a morning routine removes the need to think of certain mundane tasks that shouldn’t use up any of your valuable energy for the day, removing the guesswork.

It’s about creating positive momentum, be it a small trivial task, it’s moving the needle towards your end goal, this compounding consistency really adds up!

I am sure you have heard the quote “win the morning, win the day” and how true it is. Have you noticed when you have planned what you are doing for the day the night before, you tend to get out of bed easier, with purpose and once completed, you have a feeling of achievement. Well, why don’t we do this every morning so we get this feeling every day!

Our life can get busy, hectic and overwhelming at times, however by creating a daily routine - your routine, you are taking ownership of what you can control and set yourself up for success.

How This Routine Work?

  • Decision Fatigue

Research has shown that on average the longer the day gets and the more decisions we are forced to make, the worse they get.

It often leads to procrastination and a lack of motivation. Therefore, wouldn’t getting in a routine limit the amount of decisions we make per day and make the decisions we do need to make, better?!

  • Focus

Ever found a car that you really want to buy? You have searched for it online and now all of a sudden you see that car EVERYWHERE! How does this happen? You have told your brain to look out for this car and now it is on a mission to show it to you whether you like it or not.

  • How can we use this to our advantage?

We can start to communicate with ourselves the goals & achievements we wish to strive for, by writing them down daily we re-wire our brain to start to look out for little opportunities and it is up to us to recognize them.

Ready to make some more routine in your life to get more out of your day and get you closer to your goals? 




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