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Why I Run, Even Though I Hate Running!

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Did I mention I hate running!? By running I mean, long-distance running (anything over a km). Even though I played soccer professionally for a number of years when I was younger, I never enjoyed running. However, if there is a ball involved I could go all day. 

So why do I run? I find it personally one of the hardest things mentally I can do, when I am running I am constantly talking to myself, bargaining, negotiating and looking for the easy way out, I am looking to quit. It's quite funny the things that I tell myself when I am striding out. 

I, of course, try not to listen to this voice and in turn speak back to it, motivate myself to keep going. After I am finished and have not quit or stopped for a breather I have a great feeling of accomplishment, not because I have run really far (because I haven't!), not because I am smashing out fast km's (I am most definitely not) but because I simply haven't quit on myself, because I set out a goal before I started and didn't give up even though I wanted to.

It's not just after the run I get all the benefits, in the midst of trying to negotiate a stop or a walk with myself, for some reason, almost always come up with creative, new ideas or a new strategy for my business, a new blog subject, etc. There is something about running that gets my mind working.

I think the most important part of my running is when I run - First thing in the morning, 6 am. My thoughts are if I can get out of bed when it is nice, warm and comfortable and do something I don't particularly want to do, something I personally think is one of the hardest things I can do mentally, after I am finished, whatever I experience throughout my day can't be that bad and I can do it!

I believe running also helps me eat better, drink more water, more productive, keeps me motivated and acts like the glue holding my morning routine together.

Over time I have felt my mind get stronger, I am not looking to quit as fast, ignoring some short cuts and even telling myself to go a bit longer. 

After I run, I stretch while focusing on breathing, drink water, then use my Daily Routine Journal.

Do I always run? No! I sometimes sleep in, get injured and just recently was hungover for 6 days! (Yes, that's how long it takes me these days), and when I miss out I pay for it, I am not as productive and my mind isn't as clear. 


I hope you have enjoyed this insight into my relationship with running and its effects on me. 

Do you have a similar experience with running? Or completely different? Is there a certain type of exercise or activity that you get great benefits from?
I'd love to hear from you! 

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