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5 Strategies That’ll Help Boost Your Self-Esteem

When you have healthy self-esteem, you’ll be more likely to take care of yourself–and explore your full potential. On the contrary, when your self-esteem is low, you’ll tend to see yourself as unworthy/incapable of achieving happy life outcomes; you’ll be less motivated to pursue your dreams, aspirations, and personal goals. Imaginably… Self-esteem plays a crucial role in living a fulfilled, flourishing life. But what are you to do if you struggle with self-esteem? Well, thankfully: there are 5 powerful strategies you can implement in your life that’ll help increase your self-esteem. 

#1 – Actively fight your inner critic

You know that little voice in your head saying things like, “I keep getting passed over for that promotion, I must not be good enough for it,” or “I’ll never succeed at running my own business anyway, so why bother trying?” Well, these nagging thoughts do not reflect reality. The next time your inner critic strikes, counter it with a more realistic and compassionate evaluation of yourself. For instance, replace thoughts like, “I’m such an idiot,” with “I may struggle at times, but I always do my best and am smart and competent in so many other ways.”

#2 – Start working out

Research shows that exercise can also be a massive boost to your self-esteem. According to the American Psychological Association, regularly working up a sweat can improve your mood and–alongside regular treatment and therapy–help combat depression and anxiety. Sticking to your workout routine requires a commitment, and keeping that commitment can, in turn, make you feel better about yourself. 

#3 – Adjust your posture

As simple as this may sound, research shows that the posture you adopt can have powerful impacts on how you feel about yourself. Take this 2009 study published from the Ohio State University, for instance. Participants who sat up straight were more likely to feel confident about the ideas they wrote down concerning whether they were qualified for a job. Those who were slumped over their desks, on the other hand, were less likely to accept these feelings about their qualifications. 

#4 – Reflect on your past accomplishments

A tip: this exercise works best if you write your accomplishments down; this way, you have something to look back on when you need a reminder of your self-worth and potential. In fact, do it now. Grab a paper and list the 10 best things you've achieved. Successfully scaled a mountain after months of training? Graduated high school after loads of hard work? Allow these accomplishments to make you feel good and remind you of what you can accomplish.

#5 – Keep track of your progress  

There's probably no better way to develop a stronger sense of self-esteem than keeping track of all the things you’ve already done to achieve your goals. Let's say you're trying to launch a new website. You might not have launched it yet. But you’ve already settled on a company name, bought a new domain, and even hired a website developer. All these are concrete proof that you’re making progress toward your goal–and, more importantly, capable of achieving what you set out to do. 

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