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Why You Should Practice Gratitude Daily

practice gratitude daily

Many of us tend to think that expressing gratitude–while a nice gesture and all–is only appropriate at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

But here’s the truth. We should all be taking time to acknowledge what we’re grateful for, every single day. Yes, that’s regardless of how many months there are still to go to Christmas. Which, at last count, is another 6 months.

But–why, you ask?

Well, because being thankful throughout the year could have tremendous benefits on your quality of life.



Here’s How Practicing Gratitude Every Day Can Change Your Life

Find out how below.

Magnifies positive emotions

As you've probably realised by now, positive emotions wear off quickly. As human beings, we adapt to positive life circumstances at an astounding speed. That new car, new house, new job position? While thrilling and exciting at first, the overwhelming happiness you feel is only temporary.

So, does this mean that you’re doomed to live a life where you’re constantly unsatisfied with what you’ve got? Thankfully, no. And all you have to do is to practice gratitude. See, according to research done by The Greater Good Science Centre, gratitude practice can lead to increased happiness and a positive mood. That’s because gratitude allows you to celebrate the goodness you already have–and in doing so, it magnifies the pleasures you get from life. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Blocks toxic, negative emotions

Expressions of gratitude do not only magnify positive emotions. Instead, they can also reduce the frequency you experience negative emotions, such as resentment, envy, and regret. Recent research, more specifically, a 2008 study, shows that gratitude can even decrease the number of episodes of depression!

And when you think how gratitude makes you appreciate what you have, this starts to make sense. Because think about it: how can you feel grateful and resentful at the same time? It’s not possible. Sure enough, research indicates that individuals who express high levels of gratitude have low levels of envy and resentment. In short, gratitude improves psychological health by increasing happiness and reducing depression. The best of both worlds.

Improves physical health

Are you in your 30s, but feel like you're already pushing close to 50, with all the creaking your joints do in the mornings? Then you've got to start practising gratitude every day! According to a 2013 study, grateful people experience fewer pains and aches–they also report feeling healthier than other people. In line with that, grateful individuals are also more likely to be more health-conscious. Not only do they exercise more often, but they are also more likely to attend regular check-ins with their doctors. And, as you know, all these are likely to contribute to a longer (and happier) lifespan.

Hopefully, you can now see that the daily practice of cultivating gratitude is one of the simplest ways to improve your satisfaction with life. Do take a few moments, every day, to focus on all that you have–instead of complaining about all the things you think you deserve. You’ll be better for it.

That’s why we’ve designed the Routine Daily Journal such that you start each day by writing down what you're grateful for. Need more proof of how practicing gratitude is going to change your life? Check out how our customers have become better versions of themselves here.

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