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Some Things I am Focusing on in These Difficult Times

things I am focusing in difficult times

To get straight to the point, it's you. You should be focusing on you. 
I know there are some weird, scary and uncertain things that are happening all around us, but it is honestly a perfect opportunity to perhaps slow down a little and get to know yourself a little more.

For me, having a wife and child with another on the way and The Routine being our only source of income it is quite scary, to make things even better - we completely sold out of stock last week (which of course is a great problem), we are offering pre-orders right now (and have launched a NEW Product! check it out) which is helping but as our products are not toilet paper or hand sanitizer, sales have been dramatically lower.

So what am I doing about this?

In short - Letting go, I am trying to take a step back and only trying to focus on the things I can control!

Here Are Some Other Things I am Consciously Trying To Do in Difficult Period


More than ever, this has shown me that my family is the absolute most important thing to me, take away my money, work, business, and other possessions I have but my family is everything. 

So take this time to be 100% present with yours, play with your kids with no guilt of having to be "hustling", have a conversation with your partner, facetime your parents or relatives.


It's easy to get your head caught in a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories about what is happening, but that's probably not serving you. 
One thing that is proven to help with anxiety is practicing daily gratitude!



Whether we like it or not, we have probably found a little more spare time in our schedule. Now is the perfect time to pick up that book you have been putting off reading.


I know it's so easy just to pick up your phone and start scrolling and waste the day away but like I touched on before, there is so much negativity on the screens at the moment, we need to be conscious of what content we are consuming, it affects us more than we think.  


It is obviously important we try to stay as fit and healthy as possible, I am making sure I am running or walking every day and getting a sweat up.

When I exercise daily my decisions are generally much healthier, I eat better and I drink more water. If you are able, make sure you are still exercising, go for a walk, do a little circuit at home - get that sweat up! 


I have made a little challenge for myself, in this period of not eating any junk food or sweets! A big challenge for me as I am a bit of a sweet tooth!

However, as our health is the most important thing, it's so important to be mindful of what we are putting into our bodies!

*Tip - When going grocery shopping, don't go hungry! Even better, go after you have exercised.


Above all - know that you will make it through this time and we are all here to support each other.

Thanks for dropping by guys, I hope if anything this spreads a little positivity during these difficult times.

Look after yourself and your family!

What are you focusing on at the moment? Leave a comment below! 



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