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A Great Day Starts The Night Before

great day start the night before

When trying to maximize your day and create a great morning routine, it can be quite easy to forget about what you are doing at night and how it affects you.


There shouldn’t be any surprise to say that a critical part of having a highly successful day would be getting sufficient, quality sleep. Your body needs it like a race car needs fuel to win or take part in the race.


So let's look at 2 habits to implement that highly successful people do before their head hits the pillow!

Habits of Highly Successful People Before Bed


Some hugely successful people like Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg FB COO, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey all make sure they get their pages in. Prioritizing reading a book before going to bed.

A study in 2009 shows that reading for only 6 minutes per day can reduce stress levels by 68% and is more effective than other methods such as drinking hot tea and listening to music. Reading can also lower your heart rate, relaxing your body, and easing tension in muscles.

A perfect activity to do before bed!

It is important to read a book that you are interested in (helps you unwind & zone out away from your worries) and avoid books that may upset you or reverse the calming effects such as the news or thrillers.


According to the National Sleep Foundation, when we use our devices such as phones, tablets, T.V’s, etc it significantly delays our circadian rhythm (internal body clock) and suppresses the important hormone, melatonin. Meaning it’s much harder to go to sleep.


This leads to you feeling groggy and reducing alertness in the mornings due to the loss of REM sleep

The more devices a person uses throughout the night the harder it is to go to sleep and affects the quality of sleep. 

With all the temptation of screen time it’s important to be realistic, try starting with cutting off screens 30 mins before turning in for the night, and working yourself up to an hour or 2, remember the longer the better.


There are obviously a lot more habits and practices you can implement, which we will go over in other blog posts. We would love to hear if you currently have a night routine in order to maximize your morning and what habits you are using to help?

Or do you currently struggle to stick to a schedule at night? 

Please leave a comment below.

- Lewis, D. (2009), Galaxy Stress Research. Mindlab International, Sussex University, UK.


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