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FREE 30 Day Challenge Print Out

free download 30 day challenge

I created this 30 day challenge sheet for myself last week to establish some new habits I want to introduce and also remove from my life.

I have found this really helpful, I have stuck it on my bedroom wall and each successful day of completing the challenges I have set, I put a BIG RED cross on that day. 

Having a visual display of my current progress is proving to be really motivating, I want to make sure I have the whole sheet filled with big red crosses!

So, like I normally do when I find something I have created useful to myself, I want to share it!

So here it is, FREE for you to try!

I'd love to see it if you use a printed or a digital version of this sheet (or even if you make your own version inspired by it)

Inspire others to challenge themselves! Tag @thehouseofroutine & use the hashtag #THOR30daychallenge

Enjoy guys :) 

- The House of Routine


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