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Are you breathing right?

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Breathing is probably something a lot of us take for granted but are we doing it wrong? Are there techniques we can use to get more performance, feel better, calm down & sleep better?

After listening to a Joe Rogan podcast with Laird Hamilton a couple of months ago (click to listen) which sparked interest in me and my breathing. Laird explains how we as humans have for some reason have gone from nose breathers to mouth breathers and explains the consequences of such a change and possible benefits of adapting to nose breathing.

Our breathing is linked to many emotions and we can dramatically affect our physical state by different breathing techniques.
Lucas Rockwood's TEDx TALK titled - Change your breath, change your life, is a great example of how these certain techniques can be used as tools throughout our normal day. 
Water, Whisky and coffee breathing techniques - wait what!? Watch the video below to understand. 


A technique in our Routine Daily Journal - Mindful Breath is an easy introduction into practicing meditation, everyone has at least time for just one breath.
If you bring full attention to the breath, it’s actually very powerful, because suddenly your entire mind becomes collected and you’re centered.


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