🎧 EPISODE 5! Colton Haynes - Reinventing Yourself Through Positive Routines - The House of Routine

🎧 EPISODE 5! Colton Haynes - Reinventing Yourself Through Positive Routines


TV superstar Colton Haynes is on the Routine Project with Justin this week, and trust us when we say this is a deep/raw conversation you do not want to miss out on at all!


There’s something special about a comeback story, and Colton’s is just that. We’re getting the real and authentic Teen Wolf star this time around as we dive into his recovery journey with drug and alcohol addiction, what inspired his latest memoir: Miss Memory Lane: A Memoir (below) and what’s keeping him going forward with so much optimism and love!

Follow Colton on Instagram (here) and check out Colton’s NEW BOOK, Miss Memory Lane: A Memoir (here) and get your copy today, sold wherever you like to buy your books!

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